Jan. 20,
2017: We’ve scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal
stories, videos and photos. And it’s all right here.

Macie, who's 1 year old, survived swallowing an 8-inch kitchen knife.

Pup Recovers After Eating Knife

When 1-year-old
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Macie started making a squeaking sound, owner Irene Paisley thought she’d swallowed a toy. She brought Macie to the
People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals in Glasgow, Scotland, where an X-ray revealed that something much different was causing the puppy to choke: an 8-inch kitchen knife. Macie underwent a delicate surgery to remove the knife. “I’ve never seen an x-ray like Macie’s,” said PDSA veterinarian Dr. Emily Ronald. “She was extremely lucky to survive. Her saving grace was that she swallowed the handle-end first.” Thankfully, Macie had a quick recovery. “The morning after surgery, she was bouncing all over the place as if nothing had happened,” Ronald said. Macie has been healing well in the two weeks since her procedure. — Read it at the

FDA: Skin Cancer Cream Can Be Lethal to Pets

Food and Drug Administration issued a warning this week that a cream used to treat skin cancer and abnormal lesions in people, called fluorouracil, can be lethal to pets. “People using this medication should use care when applying and storing the medication if they are also in a household with pets, as even very small amounts could be dangerous to these animals,” the FDA
said in a statement. The FDA has received reports of two dogs who died after consuming the cream, and five who got sick from it. The agency hasn’t received any reports of cats who’ve gotten sick from the cream, but warns they are also sensitive to it. — Read it from
Live Science via Yahoo

Cat Recovers After Matted Fur Shaved Off

Persian cat whose story of cruelty went viral has been making an amazing recovery after he was found in a basement covered in five extra pounds of matted fur. The
Anti-Cruelty Society came to Sinbad’s rescue after getting a call from a utility worker who spotted the
cat when he was working in the Chicago home recently. It took the rescue group hours to safely shave the
cat, who was severely malnourished under all that fur. “After all that he’s been through he’s a sweet, loving cat. How can you say no to that?” said Elliott Serrano, a humane education specialist at the Anti-Cruelty Society who adopted Sinbad. — Read it at Wisconsin’s
Fox 6 Now

Keon the Irish Wolfhound was granted the title longest tail on a dog.

Wolfhound Gets Longest Tail Title

When Keon wags his tail, stand back. The friendly
Irish Wolfhound has won the
Guinness World Record for the longest tail on a dog. His is a whopping 30.2 inches long — 1.7 inches longer than the Wolfhound who previously held the title. Keon’s family, who live in Belgium, says that despite the fact that his name means “courageous warrior,” he’s really a gentle giant. “Keon is a great
dog, but he’s no warrior,” says owner Jef Thys in a video by Guinness. The sweet dog was happy to take part in a photo shoot when Guinness representatives visited his home to present him with his title. — Read it from
Guinness World Records

Two Stranded Dogs Rescued From Water Bridge

Firefighters in Dearborn, Michigan, came to the rescue of two big dogs who were stuck on the Dix water bridge on Thursday. The Shepherd mixes were trapped and surrounded by water when rescue crews arrived. Firefighters used a rescue boat to reach the
dogs and pulled them aboard. They are now recovering at the
Dearborn Animal Shelter. They’ll be put up for adoption if an owner doesn’t come forward. — Watch it at
Click on Detroit

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