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Army veteran Kelly Accettola had an emotional reunion with her dog, Bemis, who was stolen seven year ago.

Emotional Reunion for Vet and Dog

Seven years after her
dog was stolen, Kelly Accettola and Bemis were reunited on Saturday morning. Accettola was living in Charlotte, North Carolina, when Bemis disappeared. But because she was in the Army, she has moved many times since then and is now living in California. A few days ago, the veteran was surprised to get a letter from a company that tracks down owners of pets with microchips that have outdated contact information. They told her that her beloved Bemis had been found and brought to a North Carolina shelter. She didn’t hesitate to fly across the country and was reunited with her long-lost pet. “I’m so grateful, and when I saw his little face, it was like nothing had ever changed,” she said. “I just can’t believe it.” — Watch it at North Carolina’s

Survey: Mexican Gray Wolf Numbers Increase in Wild

There’s good news for the Mexican gray wolf population. There are now more of them living in the American Southwest than there have been in the nearly two decades since the U.S. government started trying to reintroduce them, according to an annual survey released by the
Fish and Wildlife Service on Friday. It shows at least 113 of the wolves between southwestern New Mexico and southeast Arizona — up from 97 the previous year. — Read it from the
AP via Yahoo

Cat’s Adoption Is 1 Millionth in 3 Months

Gotham the
cat marks the symbolic one millionth pet adoption in the
Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays pet adoption campaign, which ran from October 1 to January 2. “Gotham was such a special foster that we couldn’t part with him. He livens up our home and we laugh at him on a daily basis,” said Amy McDonald, who adopted the black
cat during the 18
th annual drive. The Home 4 the Holidays campaign, which has more than 4,000 participating adoption agencies, had a record-setting total of 1,333,692 adoptions in the 2016 campaign. Home 4 the Holidays has placed more than 12 million pets in total in loving homes.

Search and rescue K9 Ava tracked down a missing 2-year-old boy in Portland, Oregon, Saturday morning.

Rescue K9 Finds Little Boy

A search and rescue
dog named Ava tracked down a 2-year-old boy on Saturday after his mother reported him missing from his Portland, Oregon, home. The mom panicked when she woke up at 6 a.m. and River wasn’t in the bed with her. Mountain Wave K9 Ava found him in a blackberry bush about two blocks from his house, nearly six hours later. “She dragged me right in there,” said handler Becky Irving. River was taken to the hospital to be treated for scratches, bruises and exposure to the elements, but is expected to be OK. — Watch it at Portland’s

Raccoon Gets a Ride on Garbage Truck

A raccoon just outside Washington, D.C., got a little more than he bargained for when he was looking for a snack in the trash on Friday. Politico reporter
Helena B. Evich snapped a picture of a raccoon stuck in a ladder on the back of a garbage truck in Arlington, Virginia, and an Internet seemingly desperate to indulge in anything that wasn’t political quickly sent it viral. Evich Tweeted that she alerted the driver and that the company, American Disposal, was helpful and responsive to the raccoon and his predicament. The driver pulled over and while he was waiting for animal control to arrive, the raccoon made his getaway on his own. — Read it at the
Huffington Post

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