Petfood Industry recently launched a research tool to assist pet food manufacturers and suppliers to the industry in four common, time-consuming marketing and product development tasks:

  1. Researching ingredients used in dog and cat food.
  2. Keeping up with new introductions in the US market.
  3. Tracking competitors’ products and formulations.
  4. Analyzing overall ingredient trends.

The new Dog and Cat Food Ingredient Center is built around a database of nutritional information and full ingredient lists for thousands of pet products. The list of products and ingredients is constantly researched and updated, and it strives to include all pet products currently available to the US pet food market.

The database includes nutritional information and ingredient deck, as listed on the product label. Subscribers to the Ingredient Center will be able to search by dog and cat food brand name, by product type or by specific ingredient. Complex searches can be run with combinations of ingredients or even excluding certain ingredients.


Subscribers with a full membership can search dog or cat food formulations by brand name, one or multiple ingredients and even exclude ingredients from their search.

The search results include nutritional data and an ingredient deck for each product plus information on the company from Petfood Industry’s Top Companies database. Search results can be saved or downloaded.


Search results include products in the US market that meet that criteria, including the number of results and the percentage of products in that category that fit the criteria.

The Dog and Cat Food Ingredient Center will also track new products introduced to the market or recipes that have been recently modified. Subscribers receive regular updates on new products and analysis of ingredients being used in dog and cat food.

“Pet food manufacturers and suppliers to the industry have told us that keeping up with product introductions and researching their ingredient and nutritional makeup is a time-consuming task,” says Bruce Plantz, vice president and director of innovation and data development at WATT Global Media. “We’ve tested this concept with the pet food market, and found we are filling a need with a useful research tool.”


Choosing any product gives the full membership user the complete ingredient deck and part of the guaranteed analysis of that product.

Registered users can perform basic searches of the database, showing the percentage of products in a category with a specific ingredient. A monthly basic membership is required to do basic searches and to access the new products and analysis articles. A full membership allows for complex searches, saving searches and downloading results.


Subscribers to the service will be able to see the latest products updated or added to the database each week, with direct access to the guaranteed analysis and ingredient deck.

The Dog and Cat Food Ingredient Center is a web-based service at

In addition to the searchable database, the center will serve as a resource on ingredient trends, new product introductions, and product- and company-related news in the pet food industry.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, contact Bruce Plantz at or +1.815.966.5425.


See live demonstration in upcoming webinar

Speeding product research with the Dog and Cat Food Ingredient Center

Tuesday, June 20 – 1 to 2 p.m. CDT

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