Petfood Forum 2017 will feature a novel ingredients track in which attendees will learn about unfamiliar and non-traditional dog and cat food ingredients, such as eggshell membranes, miscanthus grass, peas, sorghum, and beans.

1. Miscanthus

Miscanthus fiber in pet food may help address obesity in cats and dogs. Miscanthus, a fast-growing grass, may provide eco-friendly fiber that pet food formulators can use to reduce the caloric density of weight-loss pet foods. At Petfood Forum 2017, Renan Donadelli, doctoral student at Kansas State University, will present his research on miscanthus as a novel pet food ingredient.

2. Eggshell membrane

Evidence from a clinical study in dogs indicates pain was reduced within one week of administering eggshell membrane. Gregory Sunvold, PhD, of Sunvold Technology will present this and other research on how eggshell membrane affects joint health by protecting cartilage, lessening inflammation and reducing pain.

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3. Sorghum

Sorghum may be milled into a functional pet food ingredient with health benefits in dogs, according to Isabella Alvarenga, DVM, doctoral student at Kansas State University. Alvarenga will explain her research on sorghum flour and sorghum mill-feed as functional and nutritional pet food ingredients.

4. Peas and other pulses

Processing affects the functionality of protein extracted from peas for use in pet food, according to Fred van de Velde, PhD, principal scientist with NIZO Food Research. At Petfood Forum 2017, he will discuss how the nutrients in peas and other…

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