• Our 5 Most Popular Cat Breed Videos - Cat videos: Sometimes we feel pretty certain they’re the reason the Internet was born. They make us laugh; they make us coo; they make us want to try to turn our own kitties into social media stars. Heck, they’re good for our health. And sometimes, they’re even educational! Our readers have shown a real affinity for our videos […]
  • 8 Must-Haves for Bringing a New Cat Home - Are you considering bringing home a new cat? If you’ve asked yourself (and the other humans in your house) the right questions, show the signs of being prepared to add a cat to your life and have considered how the addition of a new feline friend to your family may impact the pets you already […]
  • Why Does My Cat… Walk on Me? - You know what I’m talking about. You’re perhaps reading a book on the couch or lounging in bed, when Oof! — all of a sudden, you have several pounds of feline furriness sauntering across your middle. Why do so many of our cats seem to like to do this? As far as I’m aware, there really […]

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