Want to go swimming? We can think of a few
cat breeds with such stunning blue eyes, you’ll be tempted to dive right in!

In some cases, all
cats belonging to a certain breed have the same beautiful baby blues, while in other breeds, only some cats end up with azure eyes. But either way, these pets are certainly alluring. If you’re looking for blue-eyed
cats, look no farther than our gallery below!

  • Ragdoll cat breed
  • Tonkinese Slideshow
  • Four Birman kittens
  • Balinese, a cat breed you've probably never heard of
  • Siamese cat breed
  • Himalayan cat breed
  • Turkish Van cat breed

Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes

Ragdoll cat breed

Barbara O’Brien, Animal Photography


Want a closer look at the Ragdoll’s striking baby blues? You probably won’t have to work too hard to make that happen. This cat breed is known for his affectionate (and floppy) nature and tends to get along with the whole family — including the family dog.

Tonkinese Slideshow

Helmi Flick, Animal Photography


Although not every Tonk is a blue-eyed beauty, the breed is quite well known for having eyes of aqua. However, the breed can also be found with sky blue, violet or greenish-gold eyes that are just as lovely.

Four Birman kittens

Alan Robinson, Animal Photography


The Birman’s eyes have been described — aptly, we might add — as piercing and sapphire-colored, and that long, soft coat, which comes in all pointed colors, only makes them stand out more.

Balinese, a cat breed you've probably never heard of

Johnny Kruger, Animal Photography


It’s hard to pick a singularly distinctive feature on the Balinese — her silky hair, plumed tail, large ears and wedge-shaped head are all notable. Her stunning blue eyes only add to her beauty!

Siamese cat breed

Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography


The Siamese is one of the world’s best known (and most recognizable) cat breeds. His striking color points and distinctive blue eyes are almost as famous as the breed’s endless curiosity.

Himalayan cat breed

Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography


Turkish Van cat breed

Alan Robinson, Animal Photography

Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is most renowned for his love of the water, but those familiar with the “swimming cat” know that she can be found with brilliant blue, gold or odd eyes (one of each color).

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