• Bird Flu in Birds - Avian Influenza   Avian influenza (or bird flu) is a lung and airway disease found in birds, and it is caused by the influenza virus. This viral infection can also spread to humans, so if your bird is infected, seek immediate treatment and take all necessary precautions to prevent an outbreak of bird flu.   […]
  • Gastric Yeast Infection in Birds - Avian Gastric Yeast   Birds suffer from various digestive disorders and diseases, including yeast infections. One such yeast infection which can affect your bird is avian gastric yeast (or Macrorhabdus).   Macrorhabdus commonly infects birds with low immunity. It also occurs in birds already suffering from another disease, or those that have a diet lacking […]
  • Kidney And Urinary Tract Disorders in Birds -   Even birds can suffer from kidney and urinary tract disorders like humans and other animals.   Symptoms and Types   A bird can show different symptoms depending on the actual kidney and urinary tract disorder. Generally, one or more of the following symptoms are seen.   Increased urination Change in color of urine Blood […]

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Bird Food & Supplies at Pet Pro Plus
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Bird Food & Supplies at Pet Pro Plus
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