Puppies are super cute, but they’re a
big responsibility. Whether you’re
new to owning puppies or a seasoned puppy parent, you may have a lot of questions when you
bring home that sweet bundle of fur. To help you out, we’ve rounded up 10 of the most common queries
dog owners have about puppies. We’ve got answers on everything from housebreaking and
socialization to vaccines and veterinary exams. Of course, if your puppy question isn’t answered here, you can always ask your veterinarian or search for it on

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10 FAQs About Puppies

Puppy accident on green rug


1. How can I housebreak my puppy?

Your puppy won’t be fully potty trained overnight. It takes
time and patience, and every puppy learns at his own pace. However, you
can help speed up the process by crate-training your young dog. Once he’s
comfortable with his crate, he’ll see it as his safe haven and probably won’t
want to soil it. As a general rule of thumb, your pup can hold it only for as
many hours as his age (in months). For instance, if he’s 2 months old, he should go out
every two hours to prevent an accident. If your dog does have an accident,
don’t punish him or stick his nose in it. Interrupt him with an “oops” and take
him outside to go to the bathroom.

These tips will help you get started. For more advice on
potty training your puppy, check out Mikkel Becker’s trainer-approved tips.

Puppy getting veterinary exam


2. What can I expect at my puppy’s first veterinary exam?

Dogs playing together


3. When can I take my puppy to the dog park?

Walking puppy on leash


4. When should I start training my puppy?

Puppy getting vaccine


5. Which vaccinations does my puppy need?

Puppy chewing toy


6. How can I get my puppy to stop chewing on everything?

Puppy wearing E-collar


7. When should I spay or neuter my puppy?

Puppy getting a bath


8. Does my puppy really need to be groomed?

Big puppy


9. How big will my puppy get?

Puppy eating from food bowl


10. How much does my puppy need to eat?

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