Goal-customized branding strategies can help companies more quickly meet their goals, according to Stefan Hartung, executive creative director at Ideas That Kick, and Matthew Golladay, president of BrightPet Nutrition Group, who spoke Wednesday at Petfood Forum 2017 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Hartung and Golladay highlighted several tips for branding, social media and marketing that companies should keep in mind if their goal is to grow and be more relevant in the market:

  1. In order to stand out, find the white space in the market and fill it with your product.
  2. Smaller brands need to go out and tell their story.
  3. Find what makes your company or product different and better than your competitors.
  4. Position yourself boldly within a category.
  5. Have a national presence and be out and loud.
  6. Standing still is not an option; always be on the move, building, testing, changing and growing.
  7. If you’re a small brand, you need to stand for something.
  8. Demo your product, sample it in stores, and repeat.
  9. Social media is the biggest opportunity for any small to midsize brand in the pet food category.
  10. Apply your consumer strategy to social media.
  11. Test different approaches on social media. If something doesn’t work, take it down and try something new.
  12. Video content is hard to produce, but is successful with millennials.
  13. Be visible in the space where you want to be seen.

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