Styles come and go, but as far as we’re concerned, a
long-haired cat will always be en vogue. If it’s a style that suits your fancy — and you’re prepared for the
grooming needs that are required — take a look at the beautiful
cat breeds in our gallery below.

You may have heard that the length of a feline’s fur makes him
hypoallergenic (or not), but there’s no evidence of that. Allergies are actually caused by dander, the dead skin cells that
cats shed, and don’t correlate to a particular coat type.

  • Persian cat breed sitting
  • Himalayan Cat Laying Down
  • Maine Coon on Black Background
  • American Bobtail Cat Breed
  • Selkirk Rex cat breed
  • Ragdoll Cat Breed
  • Four Birman kittens
  • Norwegian Forest Cat breed
  • Siberian cat breed
  • LaPerm, a cat breed you've probably never heard of

Felines With Luxuriously Long Locks

Persian cat breed sitting

Olivia Hemingway, Animal Photography


Himalayan Cat Laying Down

Helmi Flick, Animal Photography


Maine Coon on Black Background

Johnny Kruger, Animal Photography

Maine Coon

It makes perfect sense to us: With lots of cat comes lots of fur. The plus-size Maine Coon, who typically weighs nine to 18 pounds, wears a shaggy coat, distinctive neck ruff, britches, tufted feet and a big, bushy tail.

American Bobtail Cat Breed

Helmi Flick, Animal Photography

American Bobtail

Selkirk Rex cat breed

Alan Robinson, Animal Photography

Selkirk Rex

Ragdoll Cat Breed

Alan Robinson, Animal Photography


The typically gentle, good-natured Ragdoll is renowned for her baby-blue eyes. Her equally impressive coat is a length called semi-long-haired, and it comes in four patterns (mitted, van, bicolor and colorpoint) and six colors (seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red and cream).

Four Birman kittens

Alan Robinson, Animal Photography


Norwegian Forest Cat breed

Alan Robinson, Animal Photography

Norwegian Forest Cat

Siberian cat breed

Alan Robinson, Animal Photography


LaPerm, a cat breed you've probably never heard of

Alan Robinson, Animal Photography


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